Reign – A Rhyming Poem

Poet's Notes: I rarely write rhyming poems, unless I'm writing song lyrics, and even then they are more loose and lyrical.  This is not technically perfect rhyming or meter, I just wanted to try and express an idea this way.  It's a good exercise, and sometimes the limitations of rhyme lead to more concise metaphor, or at least, to keeping one on a more defined track.  Also, there is irony in this topic being expressed within the confines of an imposed 'meter', which is apropos, and somewhat amusing to my geeky brain.

On Confronting Beauty’s Shadow: Another Acrostic Challenge

This is my second acrostic, in poem form, first letter of each line to spell the word. The word was given to me, and I found it stirring up deeper, more conflicted material with straggling pieces still in need of healing. I wrote this about the experience of being injured by an emotional abuser who used … Continue reading On Confronting Beauty’s Shadow: Another Acrostic Challenge